Thursday, May 7, 2020

The Truth, and Nothing But the Truth, and Apparently The Whole Truth Too.

Anxious patient "What's going to happen?"
Anxious therapist "We are heading for a deep depression in which millions will be out of work, people will become homeless, and people will starve. After a while, if we don't apply Keynsian principles, the federal government will move to reinstitution slavery."
Anxious patient "Oh."


  1. aimai,
    We can take it.

    Don't give us this optimistic shit.

    Tell us what you really think'll happen!

  2. You left out "and the virus will continue to go to and fro in the earth, and walk up and down in it.

  3. Anxious Patient (Perking up): So, you're saying,"Invest in body bags"?