Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Abortion Tax Money Wasted

We all have to pay taxes for things we don't want to pay for.  I don't want to pay taxes to have these loons rescued and repatriated.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Daughter's Arangetram

I've been away from the blog for some time getting ready for my daughter's Arangetram, which went off flawlessly this past Sunday.  I wouldn't put pictures up of her on a public blog but I would like to say I feel sorry for anyone who wasn't there. It was a truly spectacular performance in a tradition that is not her own but which she has made her own.  Her ability to communicate spiritual and emotional concepts through mime and gesture was just stunning.  The South Asian guests, who had come to see her partner dance, could not stop coming up to me to tell me how personally moved they were by her dancing.  I was too.  It was over in a flash and I am still trying to recapture individual moments and experiences.  Five minutes before she went on my Father-in-law had a fainting spell in his hotel room and so my in laws didn't come to see her, having journeyed all the way from Florida to be there.  We then spent the rest of the week getting him into a hospital, and out again and finally on their way home this morning.  I feel like I've barely drawn breath for weeks.

Meanwhile, of course, if anyone is bopping over here from LGM--yes, that really was me having that idiotic argument with Joe from Lowell.  I had just been thinking that its been months since I had a fight with him about anything--usually, once a year or so, we would have a terrible fight about the Catholic Church and Pedophilia.  This time it seems to be over something even kookier and less relevant to our lives: is it a good idea to waste time, money, and political capital constructing a program that would give (some) people 1000 dollars to move to where a new job was waiting?  I would have thought that people of goodwill could disagree about the population served, whether this is really a big issue at a time of low employment or for the kinds of jobs that are being offered in a cut rate service economy. Apparently, no. The arguments I made could only have been made by Aimai's evil twin and/or by the LGM troll.  The entire discussion became so ridiculous that I started to feel like a character in a bugs bunny cartoon. When Joe began ferreting out the ways I couldn't possibly be myself I saw it was time to give up. One of us is nuts and I'm hoping its not me because I still have teenagers to raise.