Sunday, November 18, 2018

I'm Back, Not Sure How To Handle The New Privacy Issues

I seem to have been gone from my own Blog for so long that just finding it and finding my own way in was quite the struggle. The reason is that for the last two years, since 2016, I have been back at school getting my MSW and interning at two places where I felt that the privacy issues for my clients and/or patients were too complex for me to handle with a quasi public blog. That's even more true now that I've graduated and begun my first full time job as a newly minted LCSW.  However I also feel like I really want a place to explore some of the theoretical and intellectual issues in my new work--which is providing clinical care to people with psychotic disorders.  So I think I will open up my blog again to at least post about the things I'm reading and the issues that arise for me theoretically while doing this work.  So: stay tuned.


  1. HIPAA is a harsh mistress, but if you speak in broad terms you can seek feedback safely. Thank you for helping to share the load of the wildly-overworked behavioral health system.

  2. Aimai,
    GREAT to have you back at your own blog!

    I love ya and missed ya - even as I enjoyed reading your great commenting at your favorite (and mine, too!) websites.


    Honestly, you will be be amazing at your new venture. You have all of the attributes necessary to help the population you'll be working with
    And folks like the ones you'll be dealing with will find no better confidant and advocate than you.

    Best of luck!!!!!

  3. LCSW! All right! I've worked with some great ones, had nothing but admiration for the work they do.

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