Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Other Favorite Reading Pleasure is Wonkette

Proust is Proust but for really great writing you have to go to Wonkette. Every Morning. Without Fail.

In his quest to misunderstand/misrepresent/ignore the context of everything ever, web-toed glandular mutant Matthew Boyle of Dead Andy Breitbart’s Embalming Fluid Emporium...Read more at 

That's right up there with Charlie Pierce's description of Scott Walker as a "goggle eyed homunculus."

Oh, I'm sorry, I have a new favorite:

Matthew Yglesias—a Norelco marketing experiment to see if a hand-drawn Sharpie beard on a peeled potato could sell men's earrings—wrote a morally and intellectually odious article at his second job yesterday. His Slate column, "Different Places Have Different Safety Rules and That's OK," addressed the deaths of 161 workers in a factory collapse in Bangladesh with the tone they so richly deserved: bored.

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