Saturday, July 27, 2013

One Weird Trick Will Restore Your White Majority

Its a truism on the left that the conservative online presence, heir to the conservative direct mail business, is nothing but a grifter's grift, a Nigerian scam run out of the whitest of white precincts somewhere in the bowels of neo-confederatscamstan.  And if the emergency emails I get from Bill Buckley's Whited Sepulchre, The National Review Online, are any indication this remains true.  Here, in its entirety, is the missive I just got from them:

Dear National Review Reader,
Please find this special message from our sponsoring advertiser This important support affords us the continuing means to provide you with National Review's distinctly conservative and always exceptional news and commentary. We encourage you to patronize our sponsors.
National Review, Inc.

Dear Reader,
Retirees have received an insulting 1.32% annual increase to their Social Security checks under the Obama administration.
And the rumors around D.C. suggest certain politicians want to drastically decrease your payments, and soon!
So when we stumbled upon this weird trick that can add $1,000 to monthly Social Security checks, we knew we had to share it with you.
Click Here for Details


  1. Well, come on, tell us you clicked and discovered how to add $1000 to my monthly Social Security check.

    A weird trick indeed.

    Wait....why isn't everyone trying it already? You'd think a secret like that would get out.

  2. I know,right? That money is just lying on the table! I was at the Bar Foundation a long time ago and the proto-libertarians there were always arguing that there was no such thing as racist employment discrimintion anymore because "people could sue" and the "money was just lying on the table" so it would be "cheaper" to employ blacks and women than white guys. The women and the (few) non whites (did we even have any?) just looked askance. But thats where I learned the concept of money "being left on the table."