Friday, November 1, 2013

Is It So Hard To Admit That The ACA Ends False Advertising?

The whole storm in a teacup about people "losing" "their" "policies" and "health insurance" turns on the fact that none of these words mean what people are pretending they mean. If your insurance company, or the fake insurance company to which you've been paying money, informs you that they are raising your rates, or ending your policy, there is nothing new about that at all--you were never grandfathered in, you never had any kind of "ownership" of it which entitles you to keep it against their new desire to force you off it. Never. You have never owned your policy outright in any way that prevents your insurance company from screwing you over by raising your rates, changing the terms, recissioning you, pretending you lied, or simply ending the policy.

For a small number of very unfortunate people--people who were so unimportant, poor, unemployed, or merely human enough to have pre-existing conditions the ACA has effectively ended the sale of junk insurance policies and prevented the Insurance Companies from relying on false advertising or misdirection or even brutal necessity in inducing people to pay large sums of money for fake or catastrophic health insurance. Thats it. That is what is happening. And that should have been obvious from the get go even to Josh Micah Marshall and the rest of the pearl clutchers.

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