Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Department of False Equivalencies Alert.

Our Baby

Sure it isn't my health plan, but it is, for better or worse, the current "liberal agenda." When the pentagon lights a trillion dollars on fire in order to build a plane that doesn't work, it isn't a failure of the liberal agenda. When the health care plan isn't working as promised, that is. We own it.

Oh, its "Our Baby" but we should throw it out with the bathwater?  Look: we don't "own" it--ownership of anything is always up for grabs, negotiable, and a matter of propaganda and dirty fighting. You know why they say "Success has a thousand fathers but failure is an Orphan?" Hint: its not because either thing has any kind of real paternity. Its because what you say after the event is as important as what you say before the event.

 If a potato is hot jump backwards, don't catch it. You don't find the Pentagon and the Lobbyists leaping forward when they have a massive public failure and ripping their uniforms open and falling on their swords. Why not? Because they are not fucking morons. The name of the game is staying in the game. The way you deal with the failures of the mere roll out of an online enrollment app --and remember, thats what we are talking about--is--you appropriate more money and you fix it. 

And here's another clue: you don't do your enemy's work for him by letting him off the hook. Obama and the dems should shrug their shoulders and say "look, if you don't like the system then roll up your sleeves and do the work necessary to fix it. Carping and wailing and bitching never bailed a boat or fixed a board. We're doing what we can to insure 44 million people and you are doing nothing but moan."  And thats true, damn it. Get off the god damned sidelines and stop kibbitzing already. To the extent that public opinion about the experience of using a website during the first month of implementation matters at all this is a public opinion question, not a real thing. So stop adding to the public opinion fallout by whining about it.  This is Jon Stewart level ridiculous. At least this huge, government level, cock up has the bizarre side effect that 10 percent of the uninsured in Oregon have already been covered in a two week period. Can you point me to any Pentagon failure that has ever resulted in 56,000 people getting better health care instead of, you know, dying?


  1. I've always enjoyed your comments elsewhere and now I'm glad I clicked your name!

  2. Yes! Internet commentariat, read aimai's blog! And ima steal that line about no Pentagon failure ever resulting in 56,000 people getting better health care.